Due to ongoing technical problems we terminated the contract with our exchange provider.

Please withdraw your balances before September 14th. More details here


Frank Bonnet

Founder & Lead Developer

Frank Bonnet has nine years of experience designing, building and maintaining countless enterprise .NET applications. Co-founder, developer and owner of "DS Verzekeringen", an insurance company in the Netherlands and many other web-based projects.

Ether enthusiast, investor in both mining and trading. Experience with developing contracts in Solidity using Truffle and Mocha. Has a business view and a developer's mind.

Hansco Leek

Service Manager / Entrepreneur

Stockbroker, entrepreneur, investor and co-owner / founder at Autodealers (a successful Automotive IT company) among others. Early Bitcoin adopter and investor, currently investing in Ether among others.

At the age of 17, Hansco Leek started trading stocks and soon found himself successfully speculating by trading options and futures on the trading floor in Amsterdam. Realizing the potential of the upcoming internet business, he invested the money he gained through speculating in internet startups.

After 23 years of experience, Hansco Leek believes in DCORP and its decentralized derivatives exchange. By bringing management and trading expertise, he makes the team stronger and his early investment helps to realize the project.

Corben Leek


Entrepreneur, Software engineer and network architect with 17 years of experience in .NET, Windows, Linux and VMware. Corben Leek has developed enterprise applications for the financial giants ASR and Kroymans Financial Services and among others.

Long time entrepreneur and co-founder / owner at Autodealers, blue7.nl, autowereld.nl, Slimverzekeren, DealerServices among others.

Corben Leek's extensive experience with developing financial enterprise applications in combination with being an early cryptocurrency adopter make him a valuable asset to the team.

Sangho Grolleman


Sangho has over 18 years experience in large corporates, nonprofits, startups and his own ventures. After graduating at Utrecht University (masters degree in Geography & International Economics) he started his career as management trainee for IBM Global Services, followed his ideals at Oxfam Novib and rediscovered his South Korean roots at LG Electronics before starting his own venture as digital analytics consultant. His latest venture is a startup in food commerce.

Sangho reinforces the team with his expertise in digital performance, goal setting mentality and his ability to getting things done.

Erik Lyppens


Erik has over 20 years of experience with Digital Marketing & Digital Business Development launching new digital products and services for large corporates and smaller organizations. As a product owner he was responsible for realizing customer friendly functionality & services and the implementation of all supporting processes. With a background in Econometrics (Operation Research) he has a strong focus on using data to continuously measure & improve.

Erik will focus on the implementation of all regulatory content & processes including Privacy & GDPR and the implementation of the new exchange & all supporting processes.

Jorn Holtus

Back-end Developer

Jorn Holtus has been programming since he was 8 years old - when computers booted to BASIC, not an OS. He has experienced the technology evolution from stand-alone computers, to the BBS era, and into the modern high-speed internet era.

Jorn has worked as a consultant for a medium-sized consulting firm in the Netherlands using a wide range of Microsoft technologies in both finance and healthcare, while possessing well-rounded experience on the Microsoft stack.

He holds an active interest in crypto-currencies and follows the community extensively. Jorn sees the great value in blockchain technology and is excited to be part of an organization that utilizes its extensive potential.

Jonathan Moore


By training, Jonathan is a chemical engineer with 5 years of experience in the chemical intermediates industry, but outside of this he enjoys reading, video games, board games, and spending time with family. He’s also been interested in blockchain for a couple years and is excited for what it can bring to the future.

Within DCORP, he will be assisting part-time with a focus on content generation, communication, and community engagement.

Mark Reuvers

Business Developer

Because of his interest in business, investing and economics, Mark was able to finish his bachelor’s degree in Biology with a research project on behavioral economics. During his master’s in Sustainable Business & Innovation, Mark was able to do his research project on the strategies that retail investors and venture capital investors use when investing in Initial Coin Offerings. Currently, Mark is also pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Currency on a (less than) part-time basis.

With his background of business & innovation and digital currencies, Mark will be helping the team with marketing, strategy and business development. Furthermore, thanks to his focus on physics, mathematics and programming during his biology days, Mark will also help us with the coding side of things.

Jon Beaulieu

Community Manager

Jon Beaulieu has had an aptitude for technology since a young age. He was the assistant system administrator in school, developed their web page, and lead the CIT senior class project; an MMORPG written in Visual Basic. Those around Jon were confident relying on him to resolve their computer issues - a trend that has continued in similar fashion.

While serving in the United States Air Force as an aircraft electrician, aircrew debrief was one of his many responsibilities - requiring him to interpret and translate pilot jargon into a format understandable to laymen. He set up the first ever F-16 inspection dock in Iraq, enabling over 11,000 combat flying hours. After the military, Jon worked as a electrical defense contractor building aircraft carriers, destroyers, and submarines for the US Navy.

Despite his passion for computer technology, it has always taken a second seat to his career. In 2019 Jon decided to pursue his passion. He is now furthering his education in computer science at the University of Maine.

Maarten Jansen

Lawyer and compliance officer

Maarten attended law school at the university of Leiden where he obtained his masters degree in Dutch law. Maarten is attorney at law since 2000. His practice focuses on financial and bankruptcy law, restructurings, securities, asset and share transactions, business purchases and sales and a wide variety of contract drafting. Because of his broad experience in financial law and insolvency law, he is regularly appointed as a trustee in bankruptcies.

Nowadays he also uses his experience on advising companies working with blockchain applications, such as Initial Coin Offerings.

Ruud de Kleijn

Lawyer and compliance officer

Ruud studied physics (for a short while) and ultimately completed business law cum laude. His first position was as a management consultant, working for several companies and government institutions. After a few years he switched to his other passion: the law. These days he specialises in financial law (securities and derivatives) and intellectual property law. Because of his combination of a technical background and experience in management of companies, Ruud is often asked to counsel start-ups and scale-ups with innovative ideas.